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Email Address Guardianship: Whose Responsibility Is It Anyway?

Last week’s headlines about the massive theft of 53 million email addresses from Home Depot seems the straw that broke the camel’s back when it comes to 2014’s barrage of data breaches. The year has seen a veritable flood of hacks and breaches at retailers (Target, Best Buy, eBay) restaurants (PF Chang’s, Subway) and even financial institutions (JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America). The verdict is clear: no data protection system is foolproof, and when it comes to data theft there is no sacred ground – hackers will take all the personally identifiable consumer information (PII) they can get.

In the pecking order of consumer data, credit card numbers and account passwords trump email addresses due to the immediate financial gain and fraud possible.  Besides, when it comes to your email address, how many companies already have it from you voluntarily? If you’re the average consumer, easily tens if not hundreds to the point, I fear, that consumers have become blasé about email address theft.

At best, a stolen consumer email address generates a temporary barrage of spam easily blocked by filters or manual feedback (just tell Gmail “this is spam” and it quickly adjusts deliverability). At worst, [click to continue…]

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