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Planning Your 2016 Email Program? Here’s a Step-by-Step Process for Success

by Karen Talavera

12 07, 2015 | Posted in Email Marketing, Messaging Strategy, Resources for Getting It Done, Response Improvement | 0 comments

Building Your 2016 Email Program Step by Step

Picography / Pixabay

If yours is like the majority of companies reliant on email marketing to nurture leads, generate sales and grow revenue, you’re not sending fewer messages, you’re sending more. As programs become more sophisticated, they also become more complex, and that complexity bleeds over into both planning and scheduling. Which campaigns and messages deserve top priority? What’s more important – broadly targeted one-to-many foundational programs or automated, triggered 1:1 campaigns? What about the mix of promotion vs. content over an extended period? These questions and more are just the tip of the iceberg email marketers face when building their annual plans. The answers aren’t always easy and are different for every industry and marketer, but there is a process for success  

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What Can an Email Coach Do For You? (and where to find one)

by Karen Talavera

08 10, 2015 | Posted in Email Marketing, Marketing Vision, Resources for Getting It Done | 0 comments

What an Email Coach Can Do for You

geralt / Pixabay

Here's how to know if an email marketing coach can help you, how to get the most from coaching, and where to find one

You’ve probably heard the saying “The devil is in the details” and never is it truer than in email marketing, where small changes or omissions can make big differences in response, revenue, or even which side of the law you’re on. Agencies and consultants like us specialize in email marketing strategy and advice, but most require longer-term engagements or are best for companies that rely heavily on email as a revenue-producing channel and need continuous, ongoing support. But what if you just have a few questions? Or are temporarily stuck? Can't find the answers online? Or simply want to pick an expert's brain for a day? The good news is there are solutions to fit an entire spectrum of needs. Read on to learn what to ask your email coach and where to find one (often for free!)  

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VIDEO: Email Marketing List Hygiene and Deliverability Essentials for Success (and Pitfalls to Avoid)

by Karen Talavera

04 21, 2014 | Posted in Email Lists, Email Marketing, Resources for Getting It Done | 0 comments

Chances are you've invested a significant amount of time and money building your email marketing list, but are you taking care of it? What exactly should you be doing to ensure email address integrity and maintain list deliverability, and how often? And what's the downside of not doing enough - or worse yet - doing nothing at all?  

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A Blueprint for Email Messaging Strategy Success

by Karen Talavera

01 31, 2014 | Posted in Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Messaging Strategy, Resources for Getting It Done | 4 comments

As a marketing channel, email is coming off a banner year! 2013 boasts some of the most significant investment and acquisition activity in the industry’s 20-year history (Salesforce.com acquired ExactTarget for almost $3 billion, Oracle offered $1.58 billion for Responsys). Despite the occasional sensational headline to the contrary, email marketing’s use and popularity continues to grow and technical innovations abound.  

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Three Big Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Help

by Karen Talavera

09 10, 2013 | Posted in Digital Marketing, Marketing Vision, Resources for Getting It Done | 0 comments

Melanie Benson Strick teaches how to avoid top 3 mistakes when hiring help After focusing on specific email marketing conundrums over the past several months, the Enlightened eMarketing blog is taking a breather to  focus on a major business conundrum we all face: hiring effective help. This month's guest post on the topic is courtesy of small business optimizer Melanie Benson Strick (pictured here). Melanie's advice isn't just for small businesses: whether you're a solo-preneur, small local enterprise, entrepreneurial start-up, or marketing professional in a large company, everyone eventually needs to hire help. (As you know, here at Synchronicity Marketing we offer digital and email marketing help: if you're wondering how we can become part of your Dream Team let's talk).   

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