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Karen Talavera, Email Marketing ExpertHello, I’m Karen Talavera.  I serve marketing professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs ready to expand into digital marketing or better align multiple digital channels – like email, social, content and Web sites – for increased online visibility, deeper customer relationships, more revenue and greater efficiencies of time and money.

If you’re ready for a digital marketing mentor, you need someone who has done what you want to do for your business.  You need someone who has walked in the trenches.  Everything I teach and recommend comes from my own direct experience building my clients’ businesses, and my own.

Heidi Richards“Karen is diligent in staying on top of her field, having explored not only email marketing as a specific practice but moreover how to integrate it with social media and other digital avenues in order to create a holistic online marketing approach any small business or solo entrepreneur can implement with great success. That’s the ‘synchronicity’ in her company Synchronicity Marketing.” Heidi Richards, President and Founder, Women in Ecommerce Association International

Philosophy and Core Values

I call my philosophy (and my blog) Enlightened Emarketing, because my approach creates marketing that’s not only digital, but also inspired, conscious, and whole.  My core values are straightforward and permeate everything I do:

  • Clarity
    All marketing should have clear intentions, goals, objectives and focus.  When we work together that becomes the foundation everything is built on.
  • Simplicity
    There’s no point building anything if you can’t understand the process and maintain it yourself.  I believe the best things in life are the simplest, and the simplest things in life are the most extraordinary – why not your marketing too?
  • Congruency
    Marketing channels, tools and contexts are expanding like never before with no sign of a reversal, which makes congruency in all you do even more of a challenge and more important than ever.  Helping clients achieve as much alignment and leverage as possible remains an ever-present guiding principle of Enlightened Emarketing.
  • Harmony
    Enlightened Emarketing is about creating synchronicity.  Because when you’ve built a clear, simple, aligned digital program you create a whole much greater and more valuable than the sum of its parts - a business which magnetically attracts prospects, clients and new opportunities.  That, in my opinion, is the way marketing should be. No manipulation, no style without substance, just authentic resonance.

Ways We Can Work Together


Email Marketing Expert“Karen is a strategic direct marketing professional with email marketing know-how which puts her at the forefront of the industry. Her balanced creative and analytical approach to the direct marketing discipline encompasses both the critical thinking and ROI-driven mentality that most in her field of expertise fall short on. Karen is one of those rare people that one welcomes the opportunity to work with again!”Chris Clemmensen, VP Marketing, Press Ganey Associates

The online marketing world is changing by the hour. One minute social media is all the rage, the next, it’s mobile.  Email is dead . . . then alive and well.  It can be confusing if not impossible to figure it out on your own. Enlightened Emarketing coaching steers you clear of pitfalls and oversights as I guide you through challenges with experienced advice, feedback and education to create a roadmap that makes sense for your business and implement the action plan we develop together.

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Email Marketing Expert“Karen presents material in an interesting and engaging way.  Even with years of experience in the industry, I walked away with lots of new ideas and insights to apply to my email marketing programs”Barbara Sanchez, Scholastic

Through my public and private seminars, workshops and trainings for associations, agencies and Fortune 500 companies (as well as networking groups and solo-preneurs) I’ve taught literally thousands of marketers and business owners how to implement, improve and align their digital marketing.  I’ve also created the most popular email marketing certification and professional education programs available including those of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), MarketingProfs and the Online Marketing Institute (OMI) and can do the same for you or your group.

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Linda Tsai“I thought Karen’s presentation was both informative and educational. I was able to walk away with clear strategies to boost my online presence and business” —  Linda Tsai, Life Coach, Joy of Living Fully

Looking for a dynamic speaker with an enlightened perspective on digital marketing? I have a knack for weaving evolving emarketing strategies together with the proven fundamentals of customer relationship marketing and direct response, delivered with energy, enthusiasm and passion.  Audiences come away bursting with innovative new ideas they can’t wait to implement to make a difference.  Will your group be next?

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