Keep More Email List Members with Unsubscribe Minimizers

May 28, 2013

Over the next several posts I’ll be addressing a series of email marketing conundrums. A “conundrum” is defined as a puzzling question or problem, and in email there are a few persistent ones I have been asked about on a regular basis since the channel’s earliest days. In fact, these challenges seem to keep so [...]

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Measuring Email Marketing Impact: 3 Essential Analyses Every Program Needs

April 23, 2013

Today it’s not enough to know how an individual email campaign performed on a one-time basis.  To learn whether or not your company is deriving true value from email marketing, you need the both broader and deeper perspectives offered by program- and list-level analyses. While standard email campaign performance metrics like delivery, open and click-through [...]

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Three Ways to Make Email Your Marketing Star

March 14, 2013

As marketing channels go, email has always excelled at developing customer relationships. The key to thousands of successful email programs lies not in using the channel as a low-cost broadcasting medium, but as a relationship-building conduit. Email shines brightest when message purpose, timing, offers and value are matched to distinct customer relationship stages. Designing an [...]

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Why Email is a 2013 Marketing Essential & 5 More Email Results-Boosters

January 14, 2013

If you’re like a growing majority of businesses, you’ve discovered email as the “go to” channel for rapidly accelerating leads into sales, increasing customer engagement and generating revenue on demand.  Enterprises of all kinds engage in email marketing not only because it works, but because it works phenomenally well and fast. There is simply no [...]

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Top Five Ways to Boost Email Marketing Results and Impact in 2013

December 18, 2012

  There couldn’t be a better time to strategize final changes and improvements to your 2013 email marketing programs as you ready them for launch. In fact, while many of your new year’s email plans may be firmly sketched out, it’s not too late to give them a final polish with these insights and tweaks. [...]

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Three Email Marketing Bottom-Line Success Metrics No Program Should Be Without

October 11, 2012

When it comes to measuring email marketing results, there’s plenty of undue obsession with tracking basic process metrics like deliverability, opens and clicks. While each of those measures is obviously important, it’s the bottom line contribution of email marketing to your business that ultimately matters most. True, if you can’t successfully deliver email to in-boxes [...]

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Driving Better Email Response: What Makes Subscribers Say “YES!” ?

August 31, 2012

What exactly makes people respond to your email marketing offers? What is it precisely that makes them engage and buy from you? And how does knowing these things help you drive better email response? It’s the sixty-four-million-dollar question asked of all advertising and marketing. While the fundamentals of what makes us want to transact with [...]

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The Permission vs. Relevancy Debate: Navigating the Murky Waters of Email Append

July 31, 2012

There’s an ongoing debate over the role of permission in sending marketing email to customers you have a pre-existing business relationship with. Although in recent years opt-in list building practices have clearly been on the rise, there is still no clear legal mandate for opt-in as a standard email marketing practice in the US and [...]

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Trial, Tactical or Strategic: How Mature is Your Digital Marketing?

June 29, 2012

There’s a clear correlation between the stage of your organization’s digital marketing “maturity” and the effectiveness of your online marketing programs. By “maturity,” I mean the level of your organization’s sophistication in digital marketing. Most organizations fall into one of three distinct stages at any point in time: 1. The Trial Stage This entry stage [...]

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Bringing Sexy Back to Email: 3 More Ways to Stand Out in a Crowded Inbox

May 16, 2012

Unless you overhear a conversation about porn spam, the words “email” and “sexy” don’t get used in the same sentence very often. Email, the loyal silent workhorse of social media, steadfast driver of e-commerce, overshadowed stepsister of search, is more often likened to Martha Stewart – reliable, conservative and past her prime – than Angelina [...]

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