A Blueprint for Email Messaging Strategy Success

January 31, 2014

As a marketing channel, email is coming off a banner year! 2013 boasts some of the most significant investment and acquisition activity in the industry’s 20-year history (Salesforce.com acquired ExactTarget for almost $3 billion, Oracle offered $1.58 billion for Responsys). Despite the occasional sensational headline to the contrary, email marketing’s use and popularity continues to […]

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Determining Subscriber Value: What’s a List Member Worth? (Part 2)

December 20, 2013

Last month we explored the first of two important digital marketing list subscriber metrics: CPA, the cost to acquire a new list member (see Part 1 here). I also presented a process for determining your maximum allowable CPA – that is, how much it’s worth paying or investing to acquire new subscribers on a name-by-name […]

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Determining Subscriber Value: What’s A New List Member Worth? (Part 1)

November 30, 2013

I was just paid $16.56 for my email address. You read that right: CVS, the drug and pharmacy chain, paid upwards of $15 to acquire my email address. There I was in my local store buying about $40 worth of health and personal care items when they offered me an instant 20% savings on my […]

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Is Email The Cinderella of Your Marketing?

October 31, 2013

This faithful servant deserves to be treated like royalty instead. Here’s why . . . After over a decade in successful use there is abundant proof that email is not only the connective tissue of all data-driven marketing but also the revenue-producing juggernaut of digital efforts. Yet despite claiming the highest ROI of all direct […]

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Three Big Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Help

September 10, 2013

After focusing on specific email marketing conundrums over the past several months, the Enlightened eMarketing blog is taking a breather to  focus on a major business conundrum we all face: hiring effective help. This month’s guest post on the topic is courtesy of small business optimizer Melanie Benson Strick (pictured here). Melanie’s advice isn’t just […]

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Help! My Email Open Rates Are Falling and Can’t Get Up

August 28, 2013

In my ongoing series of email marketing conundrums, I couldn’t possibly overlook this one: declining email marketing open rates. Although much has been written on the subject, my goal is to provide you with not just a diagnostic checklist for investigating why open rates are falling nor to hand you a “best practices” list of […]

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The Truth About Emailing Without Permission

July 15, 2013

Last month we explored how to begin mailing a list of email addresses gathered both with and without explicit permission. You can read about how to handle the “never-been-emailed” list here. While many email marketers have the best of intentions when it comes to obtaining the clear permission of people they want to email, their […]

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Should You Ask for Email Permission or Forgiveness?

June 30, 2013

You’ve probably heard the familiar saying “It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission”. All too often I hear from many marketers and business owners who find themselves in this unfortunate position when either just starting their email marketing programs or trying to build their lists. This month’s email marketing conundrum explores the problem of […]

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Keep More Email List Members with Unsubscribe Minimizers

May 28, 2013

Over the next several posts I’ll be addressing a series of email marketing conundrums. A “conundrum” is defined as a puzzling question or problem, and in email there are a few persistent ones I have been asked about on a regular basis since the channel’s earliest days. In fact, these challenges seem to keep so […]

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Measuring Email Marketing Impact: 3 Essential Analyses Every Program Needs

April 23, 2013

Today it’s not enough to know how an individual email campaign performed on a one-time basis.  To learn whether or not your company is deriving true value from email marketing, you need the both broader and deeper perspectives offered by program- and list-level analyses. While standard email campaign performance metrics like delivery, open and click-through […]

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