Tools for Enlightened EMarketing

Isn’t it great when you don’t have to re-create the wheel? The products in this section are designed exactly for that reason – providing “done for you” templates, worksheets, calculators and more that make planning, implementing and measuring your email and social media campaigns fast, easy and – with many tools priced at under $100 – affordable to even the most independent business owners or new marketers.

See a short description of each tool below or click the links to reach the dedicated product page for each.

Email Marketing Results Tracking Spreadsheet

The Email Marketing Results Tracker is my free gift to you! This  downloadable Excel spreadsheet is an easy “dashboard’-style way to record and track the performance of every email campaign you send.

It auto-calculates delivery, open, click-through, and conversion rates for individual messages sent as well as keeps track of revenue-generated on a message-by-message basis. But that’s not all – it goes on to calculate key revenue measures pertinent to email marketing, like Average Order Value and Revenue Per Email, for all your campaigns. No need to re-create the wheel, this is done for you! Simply input your quantity sent, your response numbers, and the revenue generated by your campaign. The spreadsheet does the rest.

Click here to download the Email Marketing Results Tracker and enjoy!

The Online Marketing Content Planner

The ultimate in convenience, the Online Marketing Content Planner is a down-loadable calendar for creating your annual email, blog, video, and social media publishing schedule for the year.

This easy-to-use, totally customizable content and message planner works like an editorial calendar (see full details here) for your online messaging.

It is your central hub for brainstorming and recording the publication dates and topics of your articles, videos, messages and status updates which you’ll distribute and send through your e-zine, email marketing program, blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more. 

At just $97, this tool is yours to keep, modify and use for years to come! Comes with or without add-on coaching (see options)

Online Marketing Content Planner Online Marketing Content & Message Planner