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Get Hundreds of HTML Email Designs with High Impact Email 5 for only $99.95!

High Impact eMail 5 PlatinumThis incredibly valuable product delivers customizable templates & easy editing tools for crafting expert email marketing newsletters, announcements, holiday greetings and more. No HTML or design knowledge required!

THIS is the email design tool I actually use myself to create easy-to-read, professional-looking newsletters and messages.

Send High Impact eMails with Outlook, Windows Mail, Gmail & any email service provider that supports HTML (Constant Contact, ExactTarget, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, etc.) OR import the HTML design into your email service provider or email marketing tool.

– 600 studio-quality HTML template designs
– Built-in editing tools: Email Designer, Photo Editor & Color Manager
– Unsubscribe links & customer sign-up links
– 5MB free ReadyShare web storage for lists & images

For a complete list of features and details, click here

Social Media Marketing Made Miraculously Easy with Hootsuite

HootSuite is what is known as a “social media dashboard” – in other words, an application you use to access, publish to, and view mutliple social networks all at once.

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

Instead of logging into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more separately and flipping between separate windows to deal with them, you can access many of the functions you in these social networks and more through a single interface which is HootSuite. You can pre-load social network status updates and set up an entire publishing schedule ahead of time, plus create and post real-time updates to all your social networks via HootSuite.

And best of all, it’s FREE! (If you’re a solo-preneur, the free version might be all you ever need). There are also multi-user versions and corporate enterprise versions which start as low as $5.99 per month (yeah, practically free). (And yes, I’m a Hootsuite affiliate and proud of it!)

If you’ve been putting off adding social media (or particular social networks) to your marketing mix, now is definitely the time to get started with HootSuite.

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard
(Once you get started if you need an hour or two of coaching to learn the ropes, you can schedule that with me here).

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