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Is Email The Cinderella of Your Marketing?

by Karen Talavera

10 31, 2013 | Posted in Email Marketing, Marketing Vision | 0 comments

Email the Cinderella of your marketingThis faithful servant deserves to be treated like royalty instead. Here's why . . .

After over a decade in successful use there is abundant proof that email is not only the connective tissue of all data-driven marketing but also the revenue-producing juggernaut of digital efforts. Yet despite claiming the highest ROI of all direct marketing channels at 28.5%1, the highest driver of online conversions2 and the number two spot (second only to search) in new customer acquisition3 email marketing is still too often swept out of sight, called upon only when we need miracles worked. In over a decade of experience with the channel, I am too frequently surprised and dismayed that email is not receiving nearly the attention and investment it economically deserves.  

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