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July 2015: Email Coaching Clinics Go Live!

Join us on Tuesday, July 21st at 2:30 pm ET for our second eec Coaching Clinic, where Email Experience Council members can receive free email marketing advice and support from industry experts and practitioners. This is a 90 minute interactive event which will be an open “roundtable” session for attendees to submit questions and topics covering a wide variety of topics relating to email, including: click to continue reading

June 2015:  eec Launches Email Coaching Clinics

Now email marketers will be able to tap into a new resource for getting their burning email questions answered, avoiding rookie mistakes, and enjoying free strategic advice. The eec launches Email Coaching Clinics on June 11. The brainchild of eec Board Member Karen Talavera, these monthly 90-minute virtual Q&A sessions will deliver email marketing advice and support from industry experts and practitioners, many of whom are active in the leadership of the eec and the industry in general. click to read more

January 2015:  DMA Interview with Karen Talavera

The DMA sat down with Talavera, President of Synchronicity Marketing, to get her take on email marketing trends — as well as the best tools and resources to help marketers achieve success in all phases of their careers . . .  click to continue reading

Press Releases

May 2014: Synchronicity Marketing Announces Email Performance Improvement Coaching

Synchronicity Marketing announces new inbound digital marketing performance-improvement coaching programs designed to help companies achieve better results, earn more revenue and alleviate obstacles from their email, social and content marketing.

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