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VIDEO: Email Marketing List Hygiene and Deliverability Essentials for Success (and Pitfalls to Avoid)

by Karen Talavera

04 21, 2014 | Posted in Email Lists, Email Marketing, Resources for Getting It Done | 0 comments

Chances are you've invested a significant amount of time and money building your email marketing list, but are you taking care of it? What exactly should you be doing to ensure email address integrity and maintain list deliverability, and how often? And what's the downside of not doing enough - or worse yet - doing nothing at all?  

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Three Email Marketing Improvement Challenges for 2014

by Karen Talavera

04 08, 2014 | Posted in Email Lists, Email Marketing, Marketing Vision, Messaging Strategy | 1 comments

With the first quarter of the year behind us already, what will you do to maximize email marketing’s contribution to your bottom line from here on out? Although raising email open and click-through rates seems to be forever on the agenda, there’s a lot more to creating a successful program than focusing on boosting response and engagement. Here are three worthy challenges to put in place for the remainder of your marketing and business year that will have you  

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