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Teaching the Email Marketer How to Fish

by Karen Talavera

08 10, 2016 | Posted in Analytics, Email Marketing, Marketing Tech/Integration, Marketing Vision, Metrics | Measuring Results, Response Improvement | 0 comments

Teaching the Email Marketer to Fish

Lekies / Pixabay

I'm honored to be in the company of email experts like Laura Atkins, David Daniels, Simms Jenkins, Chad White and more in this new piece of email marketing wisdom from Adobe Marketing Cloud on doing email marketing right. Check out Teaching the Email Marketer How to Fish and let me know in comments below what words of wisdom you would add, as well as if you agree or disagree with any of my comments such as:  

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Getting the Most From Your Email Marketing Budget: 5 Critical Areas to Invest In

by Karen Talavera

05 31, 2016 | Posted in Audience & List Growth, Creative, Email Lists, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Vision, Metrics | Measuring Results, Strategy | 2 comments

Email Marketing Investments that pay off

geralt / Pixabay

With endless approaches christened “best practices” and infinite blog posts on the latest email optimization tactics, it can be difficult to determine where it’s worth investing your email marketing money and manpower. Questions like these abound:
  • Does my company need abandoned cart/browse campaigns if we’re not an ecommerce or retail marketer?
  • Are reactivation campaigns worth it, or should I just cull unresponsive subscribers from our list?
  • How much marketing automation do I need? Do I need an ESP or MA platform?
  • Do multi-touch campaigns (like a welcome series) outperform single message-campaigns? Is the extra effort to create a series worth it?
  • Would my company benefit from reputation management and delivery services? What’s it worth?
  • Does dynamic content really pay off?
. . . and the list goes on. It’s often said  

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Determining Subscriber Value: What’s a List Member Worth? (Part 2)

by Karen Talavera

12 20, 2013 | Posted in Audience & List Growth, Email Lists, Lead Generation, Metrics | Measuring Results | 3 comments

Last month we explored the first of two important digital marketing list subscriber metrics: CPA, the cost to acquire a new list member (see Part 1 here). I also presented a process for determining your maximum allowable CPA – that is, how much it’s worth paying or investing to acquire new subscribers on a name-by-name basis. This month we’ll explore various approaches to assigning economic value to every subscriber already on your list. Let’s start with the clearest way first: the Revenue-Per-Subscriber method also known as RPS.


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Determining Subscriber Value: What’s A New List Member Worth? (Part 1)

by Karen Talavera

11 30, 2013 | Posted in Audience & List Growth, Email Lists, Lead Generation, Metrics | Measuring Results | 6 comments

I was just paid $16.56 for my email address. You read that right: CVS, the drug and pharmacy chain, paid upwards of $15 to acquire my email address. There I was in my local store buying about $40 worth of health and personal care items when they offered me an instant 20% savings on my purchase in exchange for my email address. So I gave it to the clerk, resulting in a discount of $8.28, which somehow (likely by mistake) was applied twice for a total savings to me (and cost to CVS) of $16.56. At two recent business events (which did not provide exhibitors and sponsors with attendee lists) I noticed exhibitors actually paying attendees cold hard cash in exchange for their email addresses. Yes, they were handing out the green stuff in a blatant, unmasked trade for data. One business coach offered passers-by $1 for a name and email address and $5 for a completed lead qualification questionnaire. At another event, an exhibiting sponsor held a stack of crisp, fresh dollar bills and asked each visitor if she would like $1 in exchange for her email address. Most attendees cruising the exhibits at these events happily gave up their email addresses and took the money!  

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Help! My Email Open Rates Are Falling and Can’t Get Up

by Karen Talavera

08 28, 2013 | Posted in Email Marketing, Messaging Strategy, Metrics | Measuring Results, Response Improvement | 2 comments

email open rates In my ongoing series of email marketing conundrums, I couldn’t possibly overlook this one: declining email marketing open rates. Although much has been written on the subject, my goal is to provide you with not just a diagnostic checklist for investigating why open rates are falling nor to hand you a “best practices” list of what to do to reverse the decline, but to go beyond that by (most of all) giving you a “reality check” on the subject and presenting a new, more constructive way to see this situation, as well as a new mindset on email marketing performance measurement altogether. In short: while we do need to pay attention to declining open rates, there’s too much focus on them at the expense of more meaningful email marketing performance measures.  

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Measuring Email Marketing Impact: 3 Essential Analyses Every Program Needs

by Karen Talavera

04 23, 2013 | Posted in Email Lists, Email Marketing, Metrics | Measuring Results | 0 comments

Measuring Email Marketing Impact; Email Marketing AnalysesToday it’s not enough to know how an individual email campaign performed on a one-time basis.  To learn whether or not your company is deriving true value from email marketing, you need the both broader and deeper perspectives offered by program- and list-level analyses. While standard email campaign performance metrics like delivery, open and click-through rates have their place, without looking beyond them the true impact of your email marketing – and opportunities for continuous improvement - will go undetected.  

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Three Email Marketing Bottom-Line Success Metrics No Program Should Be Without

by Karen Talavera

10 11, 2012 | Posted in Email Marketing, Marketing Vision, Metrics | Measuring Results | 1 comments

Bottom Line Email Success Metrics

When it comes to measuring email marketing results, there’s plenty of undue obsession with tracking basic process metrics like deliverability, opens and clicks. While each of those measures is obviously important, it’s the bottom line contribution of email marketing to your business that ultimately matters most.  

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