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Will You Make The Opt-In Marketing Mindset Shift?

by Karen Talavera

04 30, 2011 | Posted in Audience & List Growth, Customer Loyalty, Email Lists, Email Marketing, Marketing Vision | 1 comments

Opt-In Marketing

photo credit: Berto Garcia

It’s no secret that in the United States at least, we’re obsessed with size. Perhaps stemming from our pioneering roots we equate bigger with better, have a preference for more vs. less (even if it’s far more than we need), and value limitless expanse.  Whether it is due to this mentality or other reasons, a similarly pervasive way of thinking has been the mindset in direct marketing for decades. Yet in an age of awareness about how unfettered human expansion has negatively impacted the environment, times are changing.  Sustainability and austerity are in, conspicuous consumption is out.  There’s a clear quality over quantity movement underfoot and already visible in social media.  I for one say it’s high time this shift made its way fully into email marketing.  

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2010: Year of Conscious Marketing

by Karen Talavera

08 23, 2010 | Posted in Marketing Vision | 0 comments

Creative Commons License photo credit: kenner116 2009 was a “watershed” year, packed with transformation and shifting, all happening to clear out the old in order to make way for the new. In watershed years, a lot of activity and change which has been slowly building over previous periods finally moves through all at once. And so it goes as the pace of change continues to accelerate in the world at large – more and more gets packed into the same seemingly-finite amount of time and space.  Mentalities change faster, evolution happens at a heightened rate.  You know where I’m going with this – it all impacts your marketing too. Not just how you market, but what you say and do.  And it’s coming to a head in 2010, likely a waterfall year.  Expect to see the flow of change speed up even more!  

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