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Keep More Email List Members with Unsubscribe Minimizers

by Karen Talavera

05 28, 2013 | Posted in Email Lists, Email Marketing | 3 comments

Over the next several posts I’ll be addressing a series of email marketing conundrums. A “conundrum” is defined as a puzzling question or problem, and in email there are a few persistent ones I have been asked about on a regular basis since the channel’s earliest days. In fact, these challenges seem to keep so many people up at night that I believe they’re always worthy of discussion and a fresh perspective. So let’s begin with a classic: How do I prevent or minimize unsubscribes from my email list? First, make no mistake about it: over the course of their life cycle with you a certain percentage of subscribers will choose to leave your email list despite your best attempts to keep them and believe it or not, this is good. It’s the nature of any permission-marketing channel for the ultimate choice and control over receiving messages to rest in the hands of subscribers. Plus, we know from the channel’s nearly 15 years in existence that commercial email works best when it is deeply rooted in permission. So, your first step is to  

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Getting Them to Say “Yes!”

by Karen Talavera

05 30, 2011 | Posted in Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Vision | 0 comments

Getting Them to Say YES!

photo credit: lukxde

One of my recent posts made the case for opt-in over opt-out marketing.  I realize that’s all well and good until it becomes time to convince people to say yes, right? So this month I want to share four insights into what psychologically motivates people to say yes when given the opportunity to take action:


It’s universally human that we would rather be asked than tricked or forced.  Free will is one of the very cornerstones of human nature.  When it’s all said and done, we’d rather be given the chance to make a conscious decision than cornered into unconscious choices we end up inevitably regretting.  So when it comes to asking someone to join your email or social media sphere, don't fall back on deception and coercion.  You don’t need to sneak them in under the wire. Simply invite them and trust that they can decide for themselves what is in their own best interests.  

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Is It Time to Adjust Your Email Frequency?

by Karen Talavera

08 26, 2010 | Posted in Digital Marketing, Email Marketing | 0 comments

GaugesHow often and what to send are top questions facing any email marketer today.  Yet all too often, frequency for the sake of frequency alone trumps relevancy in this channel.  It's a classic catch-22: email works so well it runs the risk of undermining its own potential. Email programs tend to start with slow and cautious frequency, produce easy ROI, and become stars.  Management assumes if some email is good, more must be even better.  Yet as with all good things (wine, chocolate and pizza come to mind) increased consumption eventually leads to a point of diminishing returns.  The correlation between cost and benefit is neither linear nor constant.  

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