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2020 Email Marketing Metrics That Matter

by Karen Talavera

08 13, 2020 | Posted in Analytics, Email Marketing, Metrics | Measuring Results | 0 comments

2020 has changed the marketing landscape for brands around the world. The skyrocketing reliance on and growth of virtual online connections presents both challenges and opportunities for organizations still expanding their use of digital marketing, specifically email.  Here's your opportunity to understand the email marketing key performance indicators (KPIs) that truly move the needle and optimize channel response. Tune in as Karen Talavera, President of Synchronicity Marketing joins Dennis Dayman in a discussion about data-driven marketing and its effects on the success of email campaigns. Dennis and Karen explore the email measures that matter, which data brands should track, and why. They also address how the alignment of sales, business development, and marketing teams can help brands reach their revenue goals faster and more efficiently.

In this podcast you'll learn:

  • The basic diagnostic measures essential to all email marketing campaigns
  • What constitutes true email success, and why that ultimate measurement has no one-size-fits-all definition
  • How to align marketing with sales and IT for greater synergy and to avoid silos
  • Why buyer journeys and personas are important to dissect
  • Shifts in email marketing since the pandemic and lockdown
  • Karen's word to the wise for budding email marketers
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Insights & Wisdom from the 2015 Email Evolution Conference

by Karen Talavera

02 10, 2015 | Posted in Deliverability, Email Marketing, Marketing Vision | 0 comments

Email Evolution Conference Earlier this month I had the pleasure of joining many of my fellow email industry colleagues in Miami at the Email Evolution Conference. Hosted annually by the Direct Marketing Association’s Email Experience Council (eec), the event kicks off the email conference year by bringing brands, advocates, vendors and thought leaders together under the south Florida sun to discuss, debate and share innovations and pressing issues central to email marketing. Here without further ado are key insights, wisdom and lessons learned (including my own) from this year’s event:  

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Determining Subscriber Value: What’s a List Member Worth? (Part 2)

by Karen Talavera

12 20, 2013 | Posted in Audience & List Growth, Email Lists, Lead Generation, Metrics | Measuring Results | 3 comments

Last month we explored the first of two important digital marketing list subscriber metrics: CPA, the cost to acquire a new list member (see Part 1 here). I also presented a process for determining your maximum allowable CPA – that is, how much it’s worth paying or investing to acquire new subscribers on a name-by-name basis. This month we’ll explore various approaches to assigning economic value to every subscriber already on your list. Let’s start with the clearest way first: the Revenue-Per-Subscriber method also known as RPS.


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Help! My Email Open Rates Are Falling and Can’t Get Up

by Karen Talavera

08 28, 2013 | Posted in Email Marketing, Messaging Strategy, Metrics | Measuring Results, Response Improvement | 2 comments

email open rates In my ongoing series of email marketing conundrums, I couldn’t possibly overlook this one: declining email marketing open rates. Although much has been written on the subject, my goal is to provide you with not just a diagnostic checklist for investigating why open rates are falling nor to hand you a “best practices” list of what to do to reverse the decline, but to go beyond that by (most of all) giving you a “reality check” on the subject and presenting a new, more constructive way to see this situation, as well as a new mindset on email marketing performance measurement altogether. In short: while we do need to pay attention to declining open rates, there’s too much focus on them at the expense of more meaningful email marketing performance measures.  

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Three Email Marketing Bottom-Line Success Metrics No Program Should Be Without

by Karen Talavera

10 11, 2012 | Posted in Email Marketing, Marketing Vision, Metrics | Measuring Results | 1 comments

Bottom Line Email Success Metrics

When it comes to measuring email marketing results, there’s plenty of undue obsession with tracking basic process metrics like deliverability, opens and clicks. While each of those measures is obviously important, it’s the bottom line contribution of email marketing to your business that ultimately matters most.  

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