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The Next Big Thing for Email in 2020

by Karen Talavera

12 18, 2019 | Posted in Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Tech/Integration, Marketing Vision | 0 comments

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Wondering what’s on the horizon for email marketing in 2020? You’re in good company!

I predict 2020 will be the year we see tech-driven email optimization tools accelerate if not become commonplace. Early-stage AI and machine learning capabilities like send time and language optimization have already existed for about a decade.

I believe we’re on the cusp of an explosion in response-optimization technology. Not only will it become “standard” in email sending and marketing automation systems, but expected. Best of all, performance email marketers will benefit in multiple ways:

  • Optimization tools eliminate guesswork. Marketers won’t be limited to making arbitrary human decisions when designing email marketing campaigns, creative, or tests. Optimization tools aggregate actual (vs. predicted) data in quantities far greater than humans can process and as a result, uncover patterns, correlations and relationships that statistically hold up and are scalable.
  • Optimization can be “real-time”, which saves time. Rather than running multiple test sends, aggregating results, and then separately deploying the “winner” to a selected list or segment, email optimization tools can deploy multiple message versions with different subject lines, creative, personalization, timing, etc. to percentage segments of a full list in real time, measure the winning combination as results are generated, and then deploy the “winner” to the remainder (click to see the rest of my predictions and read what other experts have to say)

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