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2011: Year of Marketing Alignment

by Karen Talavera

01 27, 2011 | Posted in Marketing Vision, Multi-Channel Marketing | 2 comments

Marketing alignment - holistic and working in harmony

photo credit: D.H. Parks

A little over a year ago, I theorized that 2010 would be the Year of Conscious Marketing.  And while I do think it has taken us more than a year to become conscious of how to use the increasingly fragmented and multiplying online marketing avenues available to us, 2010 certainly was a year in which the “what-how-which” and “why” finally began to gel for many business owners and marketing professionals.

If 2009 was a watershed year – a year in which a lot of activity and change moved through at once – 2010 was what I called a waterfall year – all that change and activity began to come together in a cohesive flow.  Now, in 2011, it’s time to intentionally direct that flow to achieve our goals and desires.

I think the marketing challenge – heck, the mission, if not the theme – for 2011 will be achieving alignment.  Now that many of the new online marketing channels which emerged in the last five years have grown to mass adoption or even the beginning stages of maturity, we know what we have to work with. By now, most of us have at least fooled around enough on social media and video or content sharing sites like YouTube to know how to work them.  We even probably have a pretty strong indication ofwhich avenues and applications make sense for our unique businesses and marketing objectives, and which don’t.

So the question becomes: How do we take the online marketing essentials – like email, a Web site or blog, and digital content – add the other online tools we may have selected (social media, mobile), and orchestrate the entire mix so it’s working in harmony?  And how do we develop a painless, flexible system for course-correcting – better yet –expanding – as we go?

That’s exactly what I’ll be discussing on my upcoming February 15 webinar hosted by eWomenNetwork: The 3 Keys to Unlocking More Revenue from Your Online Marketing in 2011 (interested in attending? learn more here).  Because as we know by now, success in online marketing is NOT created by:

  • Simply showing up in every new channel, sampling from them cafeteria-style
  • A one-size-fits all message you blast to everyone the same way every time you market
  • Frequency without relevancy
  • Talking about yourself
  • Style without substance

Many have tried those tactics, and while they may have succeeded in being a flash in the digital pan, they didn’t make any money doing so, and worse yet, didn’t create any lasting value for their own business, prospects or customers. And isn’t that, ultimately, why you’re in business or your career?  It’s about sharing your unique gifts with the world to add value to the experience for everyone: your market, your prospects, your customers, your employees, your boss, your raving fans, and yes, YOU!

In the spirit of bringing our collective marketing abilities and objectives into alignment, in the spirit of backing up style with substance, and in the hopes of creating relevancy, engagement and loyalty in the process, my upcoming webinar will reveal:

  • The critical mindset needed for successful online marketing today
  • What conversation marketing is and why you need to invest in it
  • Why content marketing is such a big and growing area for 2011, and how to get in the game
  • Which digital marketing channels to integrate and why
  • The power of integration and re-purposing to save you time, money and frustration
  • How to get started and maintain a program you can sustain

And one more thing:  the importance of selling by way of serving (yep, that “creating value” thing again).  Because if you’re not filling a need, solving a problem or satisfying a desire, you’re just spinning your wheels.

Those who use online marketing successfully not only use it in alignment, but also think and act holistically.  They know any marketing channel or tool isn’t worth a damn if it’s not connected to their big picture (you have a big picture, right?).  Holistic marketing is comprehensive, complete, and integrated with what you want to accomplish regardless of how you do it.  It is also wholesome and healthy, not built on shaky foundations, half-baked plans and waffling motivation.

Aligned, holistic marketing also places an emphasis on contribution and respect. If you’re asking for someone’s attention, give them something worth paying attention to.  Give before expecting to receive, give unexpectedly, and give even when you’re not asking to receive anything. Listen and talk.  Be human, be conversational.  CONNECT.  Then, when you do present opportunities to buy, your people will have a foundation of trust and loyalty to stand on, and will engage with confidence.

After what for many have now been several years in a row of challenge, evolution and transformation, it took 2010 to bring these lessons home to us; to coalesce a new mindset for a new era.  I’m excited about the promise of this year, ready to hit the ground running, and passionate about helping you do the same!

Now, we’re poised and ready to act, so tell me, what will you do differently in your marketing this year to bring it into alignment with your market’s needs, your business goals, and how you wish to serve the world?  And what, if anything, do you feel is missing for your success?

I look forward to reading your comments below.  In the meantime, if you need immediate help aligning your marketing definitely get in touch.

Creative Commons License photo credit: D.H. Parks

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